What to do if you feel you don’t have enough clothes? does all of your savings is spent on dresses?

But your wardrobe still doesn’t even have something worth an occasion.

This basically indicates that it’s high time you should stop shopping for more and more clothes but spend time…

Shimla: it is the most visited place in Himachal Pradesh as it is its capital covering an area of 2205 meters The Viceregal Lodge, Christ Church, Shri Hanuman Jakhoo Temple, Ridge Road, and Annadale are some of the popular attractions in Shimla

making it one of the most favorable places…

  1. Paranthe wali gali, Chandni Chowk: paratha is a staple meal in most of the north Indian houses, but the best parontha of india are found at this place. One cannot say they love paranthas if they haven’t been to the paranthe wali gali.
  2. Aloo chat bhandaar, Khan market: aloo chat…

You can be the next face.

1. wake up before the world: one tends to be more organized and have more hours in a day than a normal person. According to studies waking up early gives a sense of accomplishment the whole day and keeps the mind ahead of others. …

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